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Funny story. Markus and I have this eatery we love to go to. They know us by our name we used to go their sooo much. Markus knows the guy who owns it. If you have ever heard us talk about Jasmines that is where I'm referring too. They have this appetizer trio that we adore. Had we not tried it at the suggestion of our server one day, we would have not been introduced to the love of what they call "Rocket Shrimp". So yummy. Markus tells me randomly while driving in the car today, I want you to try to make "rocket shrimps". Umm ok, was my reply. That basically means I know you can do it. I mean maybe if I went in the kitchen with his friend to help him prepare it. I'm not that inventive, at least not yet. But I think I might have come close with this sauce I found in my new Martha cookbook. I will have to try it and let you know. We will see. I just think Markus is funny with his requests. They turn out good, always :) Sometimes I'm glad he pushes me in the kitchen. Of course, it's a win win. hehe

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Cherie' said...

Oh, I love that place! I used to order out from there all the time when I worked at the bank.


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