Curry Chicken Salad Wraps

For those of you who like curry these will be your favorite. Markus and I went to BR Country Club for a Tennis Banquet last month. I always enjoy going there because the food is awesome. Well it was no exception this year. They served these and I must have ate 6 of them. But there was no way for me to get a recipe. So from how I remember them tasting and smelling my spices, I came of with my own version.

2 chicken breasts
2 10-in flour tortillas
curry powder
cloves, just a little
black pepper
poultry seasoning, I use Paul Prudommes
garlic powder, just a little
old bay, just a little
salt free seasoning, I use Paul Prudommes

Cut chicken breast into cubes. Brown in skillet with olive oil on med high. Season to taste. Meanwhile chop fresh celery (mine was frozen) and put in a food processor. Chop until very fine. When chicken is cooked transfer to a food processor. Chop til all chicken is pretty fine. Add mayo til consistency is spreadable onto the flour tortillas. Once chicken mixture is spread on tortilla, roll up and slice into 1-in pieces. Discard ends and serve.

*If you don't have mayo I think plain yogurt would also taste awesome with these. Wished I could be more specific with measurements for the spices, but I spiced until I liked the flavor.
Derived from memory, but idea came from BR Country Club, Serves 2 comfortably (add more chicken & tortillas if you need more)

**Markus must have told me 6 or 7 times within a 10 min span of eating these that he liked them and they were good.** So it's a keeper for us. Oh and my new recipe for this week :)

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The Awesome Rawsons said...

mmm...i'm gonna try it! I miss you so much Jenn. Think about you all the time. love you.


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