Markus' Aunt from Switzerland makes this when she comes in the wintertime and he loves it. So
finally I asked her for it! It's long overdue to post it on the blog being that I got it in Apr 2009, but nonetheless it's pretty good. It's kinda like a beef stew, but not really. So in Ursula's own words:
"I send you the recipe I promised to give you"
2 persons
1 pound of beef ragout (stew meat)
2 carrots
2 celleries
2 onions
2 or 3 potatoes
garlic as much as you like or don't like
1 can tomatoes
Chop the veggies the same size as the ragout pieces are. stir fry the beef then add 1 spoon of flour salt pepper and 1 spoon of paprika and stir well. add 1 glass of redwine (you don't want to add wine ? no problem just add a little water) and 1 can of tomatoes then add all the veggies. it takes about 1 hour to simmer, you can always add some more gravy or water.
let simmer for 30-40 min, depends how tender the meat already is.
slice 2 or 3 potatoes the same size as the ragout pieces and add abt 30 min before the meat is ready and tender.
any questions ?? if not bon apetit
P.S. I really do think this serves more than 2 people just for the record.
from Aunt Ursula, Lugano, Swizterland

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